Which 5 Chinese Zodiac Signs Will Be The Luckiest This Week

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With jolly Jupiter watching over them from above, a Sagittarian somehow always seems to land on their feet. Born with a thirst for adventure and travel, this is the year to throw caution to the wind and live your wildest dreams.


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Blessed with the bounty of Venus—often considered the most auspicious planet for physical and marital happiness—Libras, amongst the luckiest zodiac signs this year, are slated to skive through any major challenges and emerge on the other side intact.


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Even if a Leo doesn't have something, they make it themselves. Leos love the thrill of the chase, and nothing gets them more excited than a challenge. Even a string of bad luck from the planets can't stop them from getting what they want because they have so much guts.


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Taureans, who are also controlled by Venus, will continue to get what they want this year in terms of material pleasures and the finer things in life. Even though they have bad luck in love, they will end up in the right place at the right time in their careers.


Even though Pisces had a rough start to the year, they have a calm personality that helps them weather any storms and find the silver lining in grey clouds that threaten to ruin their day.


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The firecracker of the zodiac, Aries is not one to allow the planets to conspire against them. With the good reverberations of Jupiter smiling down upon you, this is the year to take some big risks and chase after what sets your soul on fire.