The New Moon in September will completely bless three zodiac signs.

A Dynamic Beginning

A dramatic beginning—a burst of flaming energy—is signalled as the Aries Full Moon adorns the night sky.

The Catalyst of Change

Aries people may have a greater sense of self-awareness and a drive for personal development.

Earthly Embrace

This Aries Full Moon may inspire Taurus, the solid earth sign, to take a leap of faith in areas of money or romance.

Expressing with Fervor

Gemini, the twin signs of the zodiac, may feel a strong impulse to express their views and opinions at this time.

Emotions in the Spotlight

The Aries Full Moon may bring up emotions for Cancer, the sign of the zodiac known for its sensitivity.

Shining Brighter

They are likely to feel more confident and competitive since Leo, the affable lion, will likely enjoy the lunar spotlight.