The Four Zodiac Signs Who Have "Cool Aunt" Energy


The top of this ranking was creeped by Aquarius. Given their reputation as thoughtful rebels, this should not be shocking.


Although they never really left their teen emo phase, Scorpio takes the second place. They exuded serenity and composure.


My hip aunt has a Gemini sign. However, I didn't prioritise Gemini highly on the list due to a prejudice in favour of Gemini.


Aries prefers to lead a fast-paced lifestyle. Due to their great energy, this sign's aunts and uncles are dynamic individuals.


Although you can't count on them to tolerate your bad habits or erratic behaviour, Libra, you can always count on them to be fair.


Pisces is the sympathetic, imaginative aunt or uncle as opposed to Aquarius, who is the one with the wild ideas.