The 4 Zodiac Signs Who Definitely Have "Cool Aunt" Energy


You want children, Capricorn. You adore them, and because you've been a kid yourself, you know what it's like to raise a kid.


You are a good parent, cancer. Astrologically, even your body is designed for bearing children.


If anyone wants to have kids, it's you, Taurus. Although you've always loved kids and families, you don't jump into things just because you like the idea of having a child.


As the entertaining parent with a number of kids around you, Libra, you are a natural carer.


When you acquire an idea in your mind, it can be very difficult for you to let go of it because everything you do in life—work, love, and play—is done with intensity.


You would make the ideal parent to instill knowledge and wisdom in your children because you are a wise sign.

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