The 3 Specific Zodiac Signs Who Are The Luckiest In Love

1. Taurus

As soon as someone nudges you in the right direction, you give them all the love and care they could ever need... all at once. Today you're really into being kissy and cute, and your partner will love how naturally you try to be those things.

It's October 7, 2023, and the Moon is in Leo, which is a good sign. As a Taurus, you are in your element between the two.

Even though you will fight for yourself if you have to, you always see yourself as a lover first. When the Moon is in Leo, you'll only be good for love, sweet love.

2. Leo

You should really make the most of the Leo Moon on October 7, 2023. Leo, this is what you want: love. You want to share it, get it, be a part of it, and give it.

Love is your calling card, and because you have a special someone to share it with, today is a very lucky day full of good feelings.

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