Signature of Your Zodiac? Astrologer Discusses Latest TikTok Term


If you're interested, the four "top tier, no exception" placements are Sagittarius men, Virgo women, Taurus men, and Aquarius signs.


In Aries, the Sun is exalted. With the Sun's drive for success as its inspiration, this fire sign is the zodiac's starter.


In the opposite sign from where it was exalted, a planet is in its fall. It makes sense that the Sun is in Libra as it enters its fall phase because this air sign prioritises others over oneself.


Yes, the Sun may prosper in various signs, and you yourself may be drawn to particular Sun signs.


Let's disprove the list below and, in the process, save a few Virgo and Scorpio males.


And I bear the brunt of it as a Gemini, an air sign that is frequently mocked. Sun sign slang (and minor bullying) are nothing new.

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