Secret thing your zodiac sign hates


Aries despise those who do everything painfully slowly, those who over-explain things, late trains, flights, or car services, constrictive thinking, and unreturned texts.


Taurus has several serious pet peeves, including change, people who brag on Facebook, messy and dirty clothing, poor service, practical jokes, having to give a speech or a presentation, squandering food at meals, and those who brag about not using deodorant.


Being told to "keep your voice down," people without a sense of humor, broken technology, shoes that hurt your feet so badly you can't dance in them, and wine that has gone bad really irk Gemini.


Being criticised, a heated room, misplacing their sunglasses, bad dressing, and uncaring individuals are the top five things that cancer hates.


Leos also dislike chilly weather, know-it-alls, being ordered to "slow down," uninterested individuals, and being tossed into water.


Anything that upsets the harmony in their universe makes Libras angry, including rudeness, confrontation, littering, any type of animal cruelty, ignoring calls, unkempt cars, and ugly haircuts.

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