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10+ Delicious Burgers Ideas to try in USA

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10+ Delicious Burgers Ideas to try in USA

10+ Delicious Burgers Ideas to try in USA: Want to eat a juicy, tasty burger? After reading this, you definitely will be. Our list of the best burgers in the United States for 2023 includes everything from tiny burger bars to highly popular burger places with cult-like followings. Using our ranking system, we chose the best of the best.

This system takes into account editing experience, reviews from critics, customer feedback, location and ease of access, presentation, price, mood, and value for money. There are probably some old favorites here, but there are also dozens of new songs that everyone is raving about. Here are the places in the United States where you can get the best burgers, from Alabama to Wyoming.

10+ Delicious Burgers Ideas to try in USA

1. 7th Street Burger – Manhattan, New York

Smash burgers are the best burgers because they are juicy, crunchy, and tasty. Everything good. And these patties from Manhattan’s 7th Street Burger are a winner. Their method is simple: they smash burger patties on a rising grill with some white onion, top it with American-style cheese, and put the cheesy-meaty goodness in a super-soft bun that’s great for soaking up the burger juices.

We especially like how cheap it is, especially for New York City: a hamburger costs $7.80. They are also open until about 4 a.m., and we can’t think of a better place to eat after a few drinks. Plus points if you also sell great veggie burgers.

2. Bae’s Burgers – Moorsville, North Carolina

Grab some napkins, because Bae’s Burgers is known for making burgers that are messy, juicy, and delicious. The husband and wife team have mastered the smashburger, which has a juicy middle and crispy ends. The ingredients are very fresh.

The beef comes from a local source and is grass-fed, dry-aged, and a mix of chuck, short rib, and brisket. This really makes them stand out from other burger places nearby. And the icing on the cake? Just $7 will get you their famous Smash Burger. We also really like their garlic parmesan fries as a side.

3. Hawkins House of Burgers – Los Angeles, California

Go to Watts in Los Angeles for burgers that will rock your world. Hawkins House of Burgers is a must if you’re in Los Angeles. It is known all over the city for its juicy burgers made of high-quality Angus beef, crunchy pickles, and super-soft buns.

Get some napkins and get ready for the mess. Even more so if you get their Triple burger, which is three burgers stacked on top of each other and costs only $8.99. The place has no frills and is run by a family.

4. Mid-City Smash Burger – Portland, Oregon

These guys who make burgers are, in a word, smashing it. The New Orleans-based shop has the best smash burger in all of Portland. On the outside, it looks like it’s just meat, cheese, and sauce in a bun, but it’s so much more than that.

Two thin beef burgers are smashed together and served between two fluffy buns with slices of American cheese and the chef’s own special smash sauce. A cheeseburger from them only costs $5.

5. Bub’s NOLA – New Orleans, Louisiana

Bub’s started out as a pop-up in 2020, but their burgers were so popular that it was clear right away that the close group of friends would need a permanent home, which they now have on Banks Street.

If it’s your first time here, get their named burger, which has two juicy patties, American cheese, pickles, onions, and “Bub sauce” on a warm brioche bun. Prices for their burgers start at $6.50.

6. Original Slap Burgers at Marie’s Bar & Kitchen

Original Slap Burgers is a hole-in-the-wall place that is run out of Marie’s Bar & Kitchen. It’s the place to go in New Orleans for smash burgers that are juicy and wonderfully messy. It also has a great story behind it.

The owner, Chad Barlow, didn’t have a place to live or a job. On a whim, he went to New Orleans and walked by Marie’s Bar & Kitchen one night when the kitchen was vacant. After talking to the owner, he rented out the kitchen, which led to the start of Original Slap Burgers.

Slap burgers are Chad’s version of smash burgers. He makes them extra crispy and juicy by melting butter into lean ground beef. The cheapest burger costs $10.

7. The Capital Burger – Washington DC

When you walk into Capital Burger in Washington, DC, you will be in burger heaven. We like the name a lot, but we like the tasty burgers even more. Every meal here starts with a free mason jar of sweet, crunchy pickles, which is a great touch we haven’t seen anywhere else.

With caramelized onions, grand gru gruyère, and shallot sauce, the Capital Burger is an easy choice. It tastes like French onion soup. You have to order the smoked gouda fries. Capital Burger’s starting price of $20 is on the high end, but it does come with sea salt fries or a mixed baby greens salad. The price for a burger ranges from $17 to $20.

8. Roadhouse Diner – Great Falls, Montana

This famous restaurant in Great Falls, Montana, makes burgers that are really good. We love the casual atmosphere of the diner, but the juicy patties are the real stars. The best way to eat their burgers is cooked medium to medium-well. They don’t cook to temperature.

They know most! Their burgers are made with meat from McCafferty Ranch that is ground in-house. In line with the local theme, each burger is served with fries made from potatoes grown in Montana. The price of their famous Roadhouse Burger, which comes with fries, is only $12.99.

9. BLOCK16 – Omaha, Nebraska

Alton Brown said that the Croque Garcon Hamburger at BLOCK16 was his favorite in the whole country. That is indeed high praise. This farm-to-table restaurant stresses the value of fresh, local, humanely grown, and preservative-free ingredients.

They find the right mix between comfort food and freshness. Their famous Croque Garcon consists of a Jon’s Naturals patty, cheese, ham, a fried egg from a local farm, onion, mustard, and truffle mayo on a ciabatta roll. It’s a melt-in-your-mouth masterpiece. All of this for $8.25.

10. Community Tavern – Chicago, Illinois

If you read our yearly roundups of burgers, you’ll already know about Community Tavern. It has been in our top ten for the past three years, and for good reason. The husband and wife who run the bar put a lot of love and care into all of their meals, but the burger really stands out. It’s a must-order because it has two juicy burgers, sautéed onions, and a spicy sauce. It costs $16 for the double hamburger.

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